The digiFilm™ Camera by YASHICA

YASHICA have recently created a Kickstarter project, due for completion 19th November 2017 to launch a new camera model, the YASHICA Y35, and their proprietary digiFilm™

The YASHICA digiFilm™ – more photos and more backing

So for those interested, we thought we’d share another update on the YASHICA digiFilm™ project, since the project has now officially ended on Kickstarter. YASHICA were keen to let people know on the 27th December that their project was still on track, as well as sharing more recent examples from their upgraded Y35 prototype, as ...

FED 3 Camera – Preview and History – updated 20.11

The FED 3 Camera - originating from a Soviet pre-war orphanage.

CHINON CE-5 Preview

Picked up a CHINON CE-5 this week, a beautiful camera. Was interesting reading about the background of CHINON Industries as well – they were bought out by Kodak in 2004 but continue to develop cameras as a subsidiary. The camera itself is a 35mm automatic SLR with an aperture priority exposure system. It has a ...

The Halina 3000 – Preview

Next up is the Halina 3000. Dating back to 1974 it was again manufactured in Hong Kong; and also sold as the Opticam 3000 and Weist 135. It is very similar to the 1960’s Halina Paulette range, with a different lens and updated body. The camera has a battery-free metering system and its relatively simple ...

The Vintage Film Cameras Journey

Welcome to Vintage Film Cameras!

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