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The Konica POP

Looking at the Konica POP, it is no surprise it was, and still is; a very popular camera. Manufactured from 1982 and sold in a range of colours – black, red, green, yellow, pink, silver, blue and white; the POP has a 36mm wide-angle lens and built-in flash (that ‘pops’ up – hence the name!). ...

Kiev, Sigma and Canon – a Selection

Luis Rubim takes us through some of his favourite shots, and the cameras / set up used to take them.

The YASHICA digiFilm™ – more photos and more backing

So for those interested, we thought we’d share another update on the YASHICA digiFilm™ project, since the project has now officially ended on Kickstarter. YASHICA were keen to let people know on the 27th December that their project was still on track, as well as sharing more recent examples from their upgraded Y35 prototype, as ...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! 2017 was start of the Vintage Film Cameras journey, and although we haven’t been posting as much as we’d like to recently,  we’ve got lots of content planned over the next few months so watch this space! Of course, if you’re a photographer or have an interest in vintage film cameras, ...

The Minolta 800si – A Review by Luis Rubim

We’re proud to introduce Luis Rubim, a guest blogger here at Vintage Film Cameras.