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FED 3 Camera – Preview and History – updated 20.11

The FED 3 Camera - originating from a Soviet pre-war orphanage.

CHINON CE-5 Preview

Picked up a CHINON CE-5 this week, a beautiful camera. Was interesting reading about the background of CHINON Industries as well – they were bought out by Kodak in 2004 but continue to develop cameras as a subsidiary. The camera itself is a 35mm automatic SLR with an aperture priority exposure system. It has a ...

The Halina 3000 – Preview

Next up is the Halina 3000. Dating back to 1974 it was again manufactured in Hong Kong; and also sold as the Opticam 3000 and Weist 135. It is very similar to the 1960’s Halina Paulette range, with a different lens and updated body. The camera has a battery-free metering system and its relatively simple ...

The Halina PET – Preview

The Halina PET is a beautiful camera - simple, solid and stylish.