Kiev, Sigma and Canon – a Selection

Luis Rubim takes us through some of his favourite shots, and the cameras / set up used to take them.

Our good friend Luis Rubim has written a snapshot of a selection of his favourite pictures, and the cameras / set up he’s taken them with. You can check out more of his work here.

Kiev 6C_Tri-X

Kiev 6C (6S) + Vega 2B 80mm + Tri-X

This was my first Medium Format camera. It’s an extremely quirky camera but the lenses are great. They are Russian copies of German lenses. Shame I recently had to throw the camera away. It developed a problem, but I soon found upon opening it that it had been very badly repaired before and had for some weird reason, clumps of human hair in it. Nevertheless, the shot. This photo was taken back in 2006 I believe and I was walking down Kings Road in London and see this big rig parking and out comes none other than Chris Eubank. I approached him and asked him for his portrait and as gentlemanly as he ever was he complied.

Sigma SA7_Kodak_Portra_160

Sigma SA7 + Sigma 24-70

This camera came as a bundle with a digital Sigma I bought second hand. Lovely camera, fast focus although the viewfinder was a little discolored. It is a lightweight yet sturdy camera, fits in a small bag easy. I took this photo of the late Brian Haw with it, always a personality to photograph, charismatic, approachable and humane. It was I believe during the inauguration of Nelson Mandela’s statue in Parliament Square.

Canon BigZoom_Fuji64T_expired cross_

Canon BigZoom XL

The Canon BigZoom XL, I found a great automatic street shooter, with super-fast autofocus. I don’t get that many chances to shoot with it as I have a big camera collection and my day job does not allow much at the moment, but I found a great street shooter, with great autofocus and a very sharp lens. You just concentrate on finding scenes and that’s it. There isn’t much scope to play with light and shadow as the camera does not have any sort of exposure compensation and it sets ISO by DX with no option to override. However, you can snap a scene at a moments notice, so great for candids like this one.



If anyone has used any of the cameras / has shots they want to share, please comment below!

Luis has also produced “Commute”, a street photography body of work that takes a close up look at the “rat race” in London’s public transport and its protagonists, us.

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