The Konica POP

Looking at the Konica POP, it is no surprise it was, and still is; a very popular camera. Manufactured from 1982 and sold in a range of colours – black, red, green, yellow, pink, silver, blue and white; the POP has a 36mm wide-angle lens and built-in flash (that ‘pops’ up – hence the name!).

Konica Pops

Full credit for the image goes to Jelly Playground.

The camera has a built-in in ASA/ISO selector – 100 or 400 in the earlier models, and 100, 200 and 400 in the later. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/125s and the rewinding lever on the underside of the body (similar to the AF3 model).


The Konica POP Flash

Newer versions of the POP were launched in 1985 (the silver model being one of them), without the ‘Hexanon’ mark but an improved flash recharge time. The full manual, including specs can be found here.

The POP has always been a camera that I’ve been fond of, although always sold them on before I’ve had the chance to take pics. Definitely one we’ll be testing fully soon – and if anyone else fancies testing the one we have up for sale now just let us know.  Equally interested to hear from people who’ve used the camera before!



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