The Vintage Film Cameras Journey

Welcome to Vintage Film Cameras!

Welcome to Vintage Film Cameras! I set up this site because of my interest in film cameras and to build on, improve and share my knowledge.

Ultimately though, the site is here for those that want to know more about film cameras, and also for those that want to share their expertise. I’m keen to hear from any photographers that want to try out a camera (I have quite a few – refer to the ‘Cameras for Sale page’) and blog about it. I’ll provide the camera and film and then you write about it, your experience and the kind of photos it takes. You’ll then appear on the site and across our social media channels; and we can add a link to your portfolio if you have one. Of course, if you fall in love with the camera something can be arranged!

Comment on this post or get in touch via the contact form if you’re interested in contributing to the site, or equally if there’s something you want to know about – always good to get feedback!

~ Sophie

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