The YASHICA digiFilm™ – more photos and more backing

So for those interested, we thought we’d share another update on the YASHICA digiFilm™ project, since the project has now officially ended on Kickstarter. YASHICA were keen to let people know on the 27th December that their project was still on track, as well as sharing more recent examples from their upgraded Y35 prototype, as follows (all images courtesy of YASHICA via Kickstarter):

They have however now decided to create a new project, this time on Indiegogo here, which the original Kickstarter backers aren’t happy about (as the minimum investment to get a camera here is cheaper).

We’ll be ordering a camera anyway so we can test (it’d be rude not to now), but if anyone else has backed it; we’d be interested to hear your thoughts! Deliveries are expected in May so we’ll be able to review then.


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